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About our company and staff 



Thank you for taking the time to research and learn about Home-Safe solutions and what services and products we can offer to you, a loved one or a care-giver.

Several years ago my 95 year old aunt  "Lill" fell in a darkened hallway, broke her hip and had a difficult time in the recovery/rehabilitation process. Her only desire was to return to the home she had spent most of her life living in. As the primary care-giver to my aunt, I had to make the decision on what the best course of action to take. To let her return to an UNSAFE home with little support or choose an expensive assisted living facility. With limited options and no time to plan she was moved into an assisted living facility. She was most unhappy and never accepted that fate. 

She has since passed and I learned a valuable lesson about life. Most of us want to remain in the home we are most comfortable in. As we age or encounter circumstances which changes our physical or mental ability, adjustments to the living environment must be made if one is to remain home-safe.

Home-Safe solutions was born out of the need to create home-safe environments utilizing the hospital proven technique of visual assessment and implementation of risk management solutions. We offer our clients and customers CUSTOMIZED and affordable solutions based upon the safety of the home environment to support the physical needs of the individual. 

Together a team of experienced specialty contractors,therapists,support personnel and quality affordable products help make Home-Safe solutions your #1 source of home safety. Let us perform a Home-Safe Assessment for you today and start making safety,mobility,accessibility and independence in your home a life priority.


Please give us a try today to see how we can help you ! All our work is guaranteed. Licensed and Insured.


Art Bartosch BS,CAPS,CBET

"An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer"


                 -Sy Symm- 

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