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Some of our Services

This list represents some of the more commonly requested services.

Bathroom Safety

The number one safety priority in the home. We offer affordable bathroom safety options which include grab bar installation, toilet assists and slip and fall prevention. We can modify the existing tub to make entry and exiting safer or, install a walk-in shower or a pain releiving therapuetic walk-in-tub. Both add value to your home while enhancing the bathing experience.


Home ​Access- Entry and Exit

Access to the home can be made safer and easier for those who may have a challenge with walking, balance or mobility and may utilize assistive aids such as a walker or wheelchair. To meet those challenges we can install:

* Stair Lift ( Straight or curved)

* Ramps and railings (Temporary or permanent)

* Regrade front or rear entryway (Zero      grade entry)

* Install a vertical lift system

* Change stair geometry

* Install external stair lift system


Navigating the Home- Modifications

Having mobility challenges does not mean loss of independence. Changes to the physical home environment can help make navigating around the home a safer and more user friendly experience.There are a variety of solutions available that can make your home accessible to the mobility challenged.

Our experienced technicians can:

*Widen doorways

*Install automated door openers

*Remove and level tripping thresholds

*Install door levers for easier operation

*Develop creative designs using vertical lift platforms and elevators for second story access.

* Modify bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms with the incorporation of universal design and open space planning. 

*Install stair glide (Lift) system to help access various home levels.






Life Safety

Safety in the home starts with the environment. We will test, install and maintain Co2 detectors, smoke detectors and fire extinguishing systems. With those with sight or hearing challenges we offer a variety of solutions to alert and notify.The heating/cooling systems, water and refridgerator temperatures will be assessed for proper conditions.


Lighting  Lighting

Proper lighting in the home is essential to fall prevention and safety. We can install motion activated lights and switches inside and outside of the home. We utilize and install high intensity motion sensing LED lighting systems,task lights and automated power fail lighting.


Medical Alert Systems​ / Activity Monitoring

"Help I've fallen and can't get up" is a tagline for a familiar medical alert system.There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to medical alert systems and activity monitoring. From simple to complex each system has its advantages, disadvantages and limitations.

There are devices available to help an individual to engage in social interaction with friends and family, medical staff and other support services. A computer with a simple touch screen with large Icons allows for interaction without the skill-set required to operate a computer.

For individuals living alone there are non-intrusive activity monitoring systems. A simple notification to a caregivers on a smart phone indicates a particular individuals task has or has not been done for that hour (examples; getting out of bed,eating, medication etc.)

Our staff can demonstrate and discuss the various state-of-the-art medical alert and activity monitoring systems available to fit a particular need and lifestyle.  

Home-Safe has the solutions to create a customizable environment for home safety !!

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