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 The Home-Safe Assessment

We help you to manage the falling risk

The Home-Safe assessment is performed by a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist or Occupational Therapist. We begin the process by scheduling a time convenient to meet in the home with the individual(s), family member and any other participant who can help in the decision making process. We take the time to discuss and understand the current lifestyle of the home user, health challenges and safety needs in the home. Our proven assessment checklist ensures no important item or location in the home goes unchecked.From entry to exit and room by room the assessment, inspection and any observations are noted for further discussion. A quality review of the home environment takes time and a full assessment on a multi story home can take up to two hours to perform.

A customized safety report is generated. and provided to the recipient of choice. Urgent safety items requiring remedial attention are discussed immediately as a priority. Most safety items required to make the home safe are in stock and can possibly be installed at the next available time-slot. If an item or product needs to be ordered, our staff will keep you updated on when to expect the items to arrive and be installed. Larger projects such as modifications requiring specialized product and installation will require an estimate, scope of work and a signed contract.

Modification and remodeling work is performed by experienced tradesmen who have 30+ years in industry. Our staff members care about you, your home and comfort. They do their best to meet the needs and requests of our customers when any work is being performed. Strict adherence to cleanliness and quality is a top priority. For your safety all staff will display Home-Safe solutions identification upon the arrival at the home.


We are committed to providing and offering affordable products and solutions to help individuals


                                    Live Home..Live Safe..Live Better !



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